House Sitting

Tasks for your home and Daily Sittings in General

Mail fetching from mailbox

Mail Fetching

We bring in mails and flyers from your mailbox daily, plus newspaper if applicable.

Plant watering - two planters with red flowers

Plant Watering

We water all your indoor house plants. 

Rotational cleaning

Standard Cleaning

We clean during time remained of each hour after other duties are completed. We follow 4-step guideline of standard cleaning on a rotational basis. 

Trash can with lid

Taking out trash

We take out trash regularly by using garbage chute or by bringing trash to and from curb.

A big window with curtains on both sides, a standing lamp

Rotating Curtains and Lights

Available on request - we can adjust your curtains, blinds, and lights for added security.

Full hour on a stop-watch/ clock

One Hour Or More Daily

We visit your home one hour or more every day with options to add more visits per day.

Our daily sittings service combine house sitting, pet sitting, cleaning

Combined Sittings & Cleaning

We combine house sitting, pet sitting and cleaning at your home.

While you are away - 2 suitcases with camera, tickets and passport

While you are Away

You can enjoy peace of mind for your home and your pet while you are travelling far away from home.

While you are at work - desktop computer + books

while you are at work

Use our Daily Sittings service while you work. Note that a range of days must be booked consecutively without skipping any days (no weekday-only service).  

Pet Sitting

Tasks and features of daily sittings for your pet

A bowl of water and a bowl of pet food

fresh food and water Daily

We will feed your pet with food that you provide and water daily. Medicine will be mixed with food only.

Cleaning pet waste - a litter box with a scoop in it

Pet litter Cleaning

We scoop litter box or change tray liner daily to ensure your pet is kept clean and healthy.

A smiling dog on a leash is walking

Dog Walking

We take your dog for daily walks and potty breaks.

Medication and a bowl of pet food


Available on request - we can give your pet medications to be mixed in with food. No injections.

A heart between 2 hands

Playtime and Love for your pet

We give your pet plenty of playtime and love so that your pet is never lonely.

A sun shines above a house

Right At your home

Caring for your pet at the best place -  your own home. No pet boarding and no overnight stays.

3 paws of different colors, standing for 3 pets

Serving up to 3 pets

We can take care of up to 3 pets at no additional cost to you

Different kinds of pets - images of dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish and hamster

Serving Many Kinds of pets

We offer pet sitting for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, ferrets, fish, turtles and more.

Completion checklist with photo of pet

Daily Report

We send you a report daily with a photo of your pet to keep you up to date.

Daily Sittings service combines
House Sitting + Pet Sitting + Cleaning

Sittings FAQ

Have more questions about our Daily Sittings service?

Click to read the following sections on FAQ page respectively.