Standard Cleaning Weekly Subscription

$87.00 / week

  • Discounted price of $29/hr $33 /hr, 3 hours per booking. $29/ hour for each extra hour.
  • One recurring booking every week. You can always enjoy a clean home without having to reschedule future bookings.
  • You can suspend, reactivate or cancel subscription anytime – no contract.
  • You must be a member – which also gives you the use of a key lockbox.
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  • The weekly subscription generates one Standard Cleaning booking every week automatically with exact same settings as the first booking.
    • Bookings of subsequent weeks always take place on the same day and time of the week as the first booking.
    • Bookings of subsequent weeks will have the same number of hours booked as the first booking.
    • The chores selected for the first booking will apply every week afterwards.
  • You can reschedule your next booking (48 hours in advance) to a new day and time of week and subsequent bookings will follow the new schedule every week afterwards. However, you cannot change the number of hours for these bookings. Contact us if you want different chores done for a particular booking.
  • You can suspend, reactivate or cancel weekly subscription anytime from your account online.
  • All bookings of weekly subscription are subject to the same rules as one-time booking – they need to take place as planned, or be rescheduled or cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Note that if you suspend or cancel the weekly subscription, there is still usually one upcoming booking already generated by the weekly subscription.
  • The weekly subscription manages the weekly nature of your bookings and not necessarily the payment schedule. Same as one-time booking, you will be charged only after completion of each booking under weekly subscription.
  • If the booking generated of weekly subscription happens to be on a statutory holiday, we will contact you to change booking to a different day for that week.
  • Please allow an one-hour window around start time. E.g., If a booking starts at 9 am, our staff will arrive between 8:30 am and 9:30 am
  • There are standard time slots. All time slots and dates are subject to availability. For details see book times on FAQ.
  • Extra hours are added to the end of same booking. E.g. 2 extra hours for a 9 am – 12 pm slot -> Actual booking will be from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Please provide vacuum cleaner, mop and toilet brush for us to use.
  • See 4-Step Guideline for Standard Cleaning for details about this cleaning service.
  • These steps are not all inclusive – some steps may not be completed.
  • We complete as many steps as possible, depending on: 1) number of hours booked 2) whether other chores are requested with cleaning 3) current cleanliness condition and size of your residence.
  • Other chores will be done before standard cleaning in terms of priority. Please add extra hours if needed especially if other chores are selected.
  • We do not offer satisfaction guarantee for standard cleaning due to variations of chores or conditions.