Standard Cleaning + Other Chores


$33/ hour, 3 hours per booking. $29/ hour for each extra hour.

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  • Please allow an one-hour window around start time. E.g., If a booking starts at 9 am, our staff will arrive between 8:30 am and 9:30 am
  • There are standard time slots. All time slots and dates are subject to availability. For details see book times on FAQ.
  • Extra hours are added to the end of same booking. E.g. 2 extra hours for a 9 am – 12 pm slot -> Actual booking will be from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Please provide vacuum cleaner, mop and toilet brush for us to use.
  • See 4-Step Guideline for Standard Cleaning for details about this cleaning service.
  • These steps are not all inclusive – some steps may not be completed.
  • We complete as many steps as possible, depending on: 1) number of hours booked 2) whether other chores are requested with cleaning 3) current cleanliness condition and size of your residence.
  • Other chores will be done before standard cleaning in terms of priority. Please add extra hours if needed especially if other chores are selected.
  • We do not offer satisfaction guarantee for standard cleaning due to variations of chores or conditions.