Makeover Inside-out Cleaning


Cleaning starts at 9 am on the booking date

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  • This Makeover Inside-Out Cleaning service starts at 9 am. We usually schedule 2 cleaners for this job but would like to have plenty of time for a full day’s work in case only 1 cleaner is available due to scheduling issues. See cleaning time on FAQ for details.
  • Please allow one-hour window around 9 am as our staff will arrive between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. You must contact us if you would like another start time.
  • All booking dates are subject to availability. Certain dates cannot be booked n if they are no longer available or if they are statutory holidays.
  • If you live in a house and your house is larger than 2400 sq. ft, please see other housing types on FAQ for details.
  • See 4-Step Guideline For Makeover Inside-Out Cleaning for details about this service.
  • Makeover Cleaning is all-inclusive, consisting of all of the steps above and everything included in standard cleaning.
  • Great for a deep cleaning for places you hardly ever touch and for move-in/ move-out situations.
  • We offer satisfaction guarantee for makeover inside-out cleaning.
  • Makeover cleaning cannot be combined with other chores in the same booking.
  • You must empty appliances and cabinets beforehand so that we can clean inside them. Alternatively, you can opt for an add-on for us to empty kitchen & bathroom cabinets.