Standard Cleaning

4-step Guideline for Standard Cleaning (not all inclusive)

The exact steps we follow for every booking of Standard Cleaning.

1. Kitchen and Bathroom



Unload dishes from dish rack & wash dishes by hand

A clean kitchen with appliances and cabinets


Clean: countertops, tabletops, stovetop, sink, backsplash

We clean the whole bathroom


Clean: toilet, bathtub, tiles, shower curtain/ door, sink, countertop, mirror

2. General Cleaning

Dusting with a feather duster

Dusting/ Wiping

Dust/ wipe furniture, shelves and small objects

A vacuum head on carpet


Vacuum all floors and carpets
 (We use your vacuum cleaner)

A mop on hardwood floor


Mop all floors
(We use your mop and bucket)

3. Keeping Things Neat

Making Bed - a nicely made bed besides a night table

Making Bed & Sofa

Make bed, fluff pillows/ cushions and organize items on sofa

A clean living area free of clutter

Decluttering/ Small Objects

Tidy up clutter and make room for space. Clean small objects. 

Clean baseboard/ switch/ handle/ holder


Clean: baseboards, light switches, door handles, towel holders

4. Outside Appliances/ Cabinets

Exteriors of stove/ oven and dishwasher

Outside Appliances

Clean exteriors of: oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washer and smaller appliances 

Exterior surface of kitchen cabinets

Outside Cabinets

Clean exteriors of all cabinet doors and drawers in kitchen and bathroom

Garbage can


Empty garbage and replace lining (if needed), clean garbage can.

  • These steps are not all inclusive - some steps may not be completed.
  • We will complete as many steps as possible, depending on: 1) Number of hours booked 2) Whether other chores are requested with cleaning 3) Current cleanliness condition and size of your residence.
  • Other chores can be requested, and they will be done before standard cleaning in terms of priority.
  • We do not offer satisfaction guarantee for standard cleaning due to variations of chores or conditions.
  • A regular booking for standard cleaning is 3 hours and extra hours can be added.

Other Chores

we can do with standard cleaning

Chores will be done before standard cleaning in terms of priority. Please book extra hours if you want more chores done in addition to standard cleaning. These chores are not available with Makeover Inside-Out Cleaning.

A few brown boxes with miscellaneous things in them

Organizing/ Packing

We can help you with organizing, packing and assembly. Assistance in your presence without any heavy lifting.

A basket is full with Laundry


We can help you with loading, hanging and folding laundry in your home.

Cleaning pet waste - a litter box with a scoop in it

Cleaning Pet Litter

We can clean up pet litter in your home during standard cleaning.

Dishwashing - sink with water and bubbles, detergent, dishes on dish rack


We wash dishes by hand as part of standard cleaning.

Condo Lisa changes bedsheets while taking care of other chores for you

Change Bed sheets

Available upon request - We can help you change your bed sheets.

Miscellaneous chores - plus sign on the palm of a hand inside a suitcase


Need an extra hand? Let us know what else you need help with and check if that can be done.

Makeover Inside-out Cleaning

4-step Guideline for Makeover Inside-Out Cleaning (All Inclusive)

Everything Included In Standard Cleaning

ALL cleaning tasks listed in the 4-step guideline for Standard Cleaning

1. Interior Windows, Mirrors & Blinds

Interior window

Interior Windows

Clean all interior windows, sills & frames

mirror door and other large mirror surface

Glasses & Mirrors

Clean all other glass and mirror surfaces 



Clean blinds & shutters (if any)

2. Exterior Windows, Parts & Balcony

Exterior window

Exterior Windows

Clean all exterior windows, sills, frames & panels. All elements must be accessible from balcony up to 9 ft tall.

window parts we clean as part of makeover cleaning

Window Parts

Clean frames, railings And handles/ hardware.  Wipe screens (no scrubbing).

Balcony parts Condo Lisa cleans as part of makeover cleaning


Clean: glass partitions, balcony floor and patio furniture. Note: no cleaning of balcony glass for safety reasons.

3. Inside Appliances

Inside oven

Inside Oven

Clean interiors of oven  

Inside fridge - empty

Inside Fridge

Clean interiors of fridge & freezer.

Inside microwave-dishwasher-washer-hood

Inside Other Appliances

Clean interiors of: microwave, dishwasher, washer, range hood

4. Inside Cabinets, Closets & Others

The interiors of cabinets - empty

Inside Cabinets*

Clean interiors of all built-in cabinets in kitchen and bathroom.

The interiors of closets - empty

Inside Closets*

Clean interiors of all built-in closets in living room and bedroom. 

other parts Condo Lisa cleans as part of makeover cleaning


Clean all other areas that don't normally get cleaned.

*All cabinets and closets must be empty or you have to empty them before the booking. Alternatively, you can let us do the emptying for you by ordering this add-on option during checkout.

  • Makeover Cleaning is all-inclusive, consisting of all of the steps above and everything included in standard cleaning.
  • Great for a deep cleaning for places you hardly ever touch and for move-in/ move-out situations.
  • We offer satisfaction guarantee for makeover inside-out cleaning.
  • Other chores cannot be combined with Makeover Cleaning in the same booking.
  • You must empty appliances and cabinets beforehand so that we can clean inside them.
  • Booking is based on flat pricing for 1, 2, 3-bedroom units.

do List

What makes Condo Lisa different?

Cleaning products - sponges, brush, cleaning solution

We Bring cleaning stuff

We bring cleaning products and tools to each visit (except vacuum cleaner and mop).

A house with green leaves at top

Green Products for your home

We use natural cleaning products to protect your home and the health of our cleaning professionals.

A professional cleaning lady from Condo Lisa

Thorough & professional

All our staff are experienced professionals who share our mission to make your home clean and safe.

Chores can be added to standard cleaning

Standard Cleaning + Other Chores

Other chores can be requested in the same booking with Standard Cleaning. We free you up from all your routine chores so you can do things that truly matter for you.

Price tag with a checkmark for makeover cleaning

All-Inclusive Makeover Cleaning

With a flat-rate pricing, Makeover Cleaning includes everything needed for a true cleaning makeover and you do not have to select each option individually (e.g., inside oven, balcony, window, etc).

A checklist on clipboard and a pencil

Completion Report

Upon completion of each booking, we will send you a report of steps completed against our 4-step cleaning guidelines and other chores performed

Don't Do List

Things We Will Not Do for Cleaning

For the health and safety of our cleaning professionals and your home environment, we do not remove stains that require special chemical treatments. Please note other limitations to our cleaning and other duties as detailed below.  

  • No Stain Removals That Require Harsh Chemicals

  • No Removal of Mildew or Mold

  • Upholestery

    No Special Upholstery or Carpet Cleaning

  • A hand on a cloth for walls

    No Cleaning on Walls

  • No cleaning of balcony glass

    No Cleaning of Balcony Glass (For Safety Reasons)


  • Ceiling light

    No Cleaning of Ceiling Light

  • No Wiping of Flat TV & Monitor (Dusting Only)

  • No Heavy Lifting Over 20 lbs

  • No Errands Outside Home

  • No cleaning of kitchen cabinets unless you empty them beforehand

    You Must Empty Cabinets & Closets (Makeover Cleaning)*

  • we bring ladder as part of makeover cleaning

    You Provide Ladder for Cleaning Higher Objects*

  • Vaccum and mop

    You Provide Vacuum Cleaner & Mop*

    Enter description text here.

* These items are available as add-on options for Makeover Inside-Out Cleaning.